What it Means to be the Bride of Christ

What it Means to be the Bride of Christ

We Are The Bride


Written on October 7, 2013

I have been single for 12 years now and been married 6 times (one annulled), and went to Bible College after all the failures. God showed me how he wants to be my TRUE husband. While in Bible College, I quit and came back to Nashville because I could not stand to watch my daughter suffer. When it was me suffering I could handle it. Since then it’s been seven years. My heart has been so devastated about my failure at Bible College I haven’t been able to pick myself back up. I found the strength May 8, 2013. I went back to my prayer closet where I left my spiritual husband years ago. I told him “I surrender. You can have it all! My master’s degree, my new car, my new apartment, all my material things, my children, my dreams, my hopes…MY EVERYTHING. I’M DONE. Please accept me back.”

Since that time, my life has been crazy! He had shut every door in my life since I graduated and he KEPT THOSE DOORS SHUT! He wanted me to spend time with Him. During this time I spent night and day seeking his face! I cut off ALL CABLE…no news, no worldly music; I mean everything attached to this world. I spent one to 8 hours a day in prayer. Even when I wasn’t praying, I was listening to preaching, worship, and meditating. I pursued him with all of my heart.

During this time he showed me who I was; my heart. I repented all summer long! He showed me how selfish and all of the ripple-effects of my decisions in other people’s lives. I repented for everything I could ever think of! I even went to the lake in Lebanon one day and sat there for at least six hours just talking to God. Man that was such a good and intimate day! He made me write down everyone I slept with and had any soul-ties with. You don’t know how hard that was! I wept. At the end of it, I held the list up to Heaven and I said, “Lord, I forgive every person on this list for hurting me. Please forgive me for every sin affected with these decisions, and I forgive MYSELF.” Then I wadded up the paper and threw it in the lake. I watched as the waters overtook it and covered it and took it underneath. The Lord spoke to me and said, “This is my blood covering your sins.” I cried so hard.

That is just one example. Anyways, during this time I had so much advice:

      • You should do it this way…
      • You should be doing this to get a job…doing that…
      • You’re not doing enough…
      • You’re too super-spiritual, get balance in your life
      • You’re crazy
      • We’re not going to help you because you deserve what is going to happen…
      • Don’t ask us for help…
      • You’ve went off the deep-end…
      • Etc.

So, because I didn’t fit into their mold, they abandoned me. The whole world abandoned me! I rubbed the religious system raw. I wasn’t conforming to their mold. They thought my suffering was crazy. I don’t know how to explain it except that I had to fight through the storm, through the fiery darts, through the pain, through the repentance, through the shame, through the unworthiness, through MYSELF.

So, after losing my brand new car and the next loss is my apartment on Friday, my awesome pastor told me yesterday that I needed to fast tomorrow that God had an “appointment” with me. I knew what she meant.

My prayer closet is the woods. I am Cherokee Indian and I found God in the woods when I was a little girl. So I feel closer to him in nature. I love the sounds of the woods…the creek…the trees, the air I breath, the big beautiful sky, etc. So I knew he wanted to see me in “our special spot”.

I went to meet him early in the morning.

When I went to my holy place, HE MET ME THERE. I recorded it! When I go in the Holy of Holies, it is so precious. I would rather pray than breathe. I would rather be with him in that prayer closet than with my kids. He is everything to me. So, when I started talking to him I felt a sermon coming on. It was almost like giving birth. When I get in the Holy of Holies I preach most of the time.

I recorded that sermon! An hour long! After I received the sermon, I knew that my whole life…everything I’ve been through…all the rejection…all the hurts…all the mistakes…EVERYTHING about June Knight brought me to this point in my life. It’s all about my purpose and destiny!

When I was in Bible College I was on the platform in the Bible College choir and I entered the Throne room during worship. The Lord said, “Do you remember the vision I gave you at Brock’s Wildfire meeting about the bride?” I said, “Yes sir.” He said, “You are that bride!” I said, “What?” I was shocked. She was skinny and dancing on a big platform in front of tens of thousands of people. Jesus said, “You will write a book called ‘We Are The Bride’ and you will tell women what I showed you about what it means to be the Bride of Christ.” I wept. I said, “Yes sir.”

I got off the platform weeping and sat down. Next thing you know, Pastor Parsley walked in from the side (we hardly ever saw him) and he grabbed the microphone and said, “I don’t know who this is for, but the Lord sent me over here to tell you that WE ARE THE BRIDE!” He then preached the whole Chapel about being the Bride of Christ. I cried so hard!

I failed my next test and left Bible College six months before graduation. (My daughter was suffering and I couldn’t stand it and stepped in and pulled her out and came back to TN). So, now that I am back in the prayer closet…he says it’s time to write the book now and tell the world what I’ve showed you. So today he FINISHED THE BOOK WITH THIS SERMON! He let me know my whole life was set for THIS…for Such a Time as This!!!

I’m going to write a short summary of the sermon. This is the revelation God gave me.

When a person says, “OK Lord, take my life and do with it what you want and I surrender ALL.” You are basically saying, “I want to be your bride.” Jesus takes that seriously and begins the process.

Get ready because:

      • Now he’s courting you – When a man dates a woman he courts her. He wants you to know all about him. This is where I was raised. This is my family. This is my mom…my dad..my sisters, brother, etc. He begins to reveal to you who he REALLY IS. He wants you to know the things he’s been through in his life. He wants you to experience HIM. How do you experience Jesus? SUFFERING! He begins to separate you and allows you to be abandoned, humiliated, shamed, etc., because he wants to know if you will accept his ULTIMATE GIFT….which is the dowry he paid for you…his life!
      • While you’re suffering people turn away from you because they don’t want to look at your pain. People like WINNERS…not losers. You look like a loser and weak to them. You are now experiencing life like Jesus did. People spit on him, shamed him, humiliated him, hit him, etc. He suffered! You will suffer!
      • So, after you suffer, repent, run through the fire, been under so much pressure sometimes you feel like you’re going to explode, etc., then the devil comes to see you. When you get to the point that you say, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” The devil looks you square in the face and says, “Stop the insanity, go back to the BOX that everyone thinks you should be in. Go back to the old familiar system that says, “Work yourself to death. You have a master’s degree, you should have a job! Something’s wrong with you because you’re not successful driving a new car, a new home, etc. You don’t want to go down that suffering road and marry Jesus..you don’t even know where you’re going. You will be rejected, persecuted, and no one will love you.”
      • At that point the Christian makes a choice. I looked that devil in the face and said, “Get thee behind me Satan! I know what I’m getting in to and I choose to marry Jesus no matter what I lose. I give myself away. My life is not my own. It’s Jesus’.” It’s like when Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” He means all the people that he died for.
      • So, we make that decision to keep going to the unknown and for real marry Jesus then. Once you get past the crossroad, then the wedding takes place. My crossroads happened this weekend.
      • The crossroads is this:
      • There are two systems on Earth.
      • The Kingdom of this World system that has Earthly laws and under the rule of Satan. The world tells people how they should “mold” into acceptance by doing certain things or following a certain pattern. (Everything makes this system too like music, movies, news; everything that floods your eyegate and eargate).
      • The Kingdom of Heaven System. This is the unknown. This is unfamiliar and polar-opposite the kingdom on Earth. This system tells you a different identity.

Now Jesus is ready to take you as His Bride because now you TRULY KNOW HIM AND KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING IN TO! YOU know that you may lose your life because you are in a system that is of this world. You will then be a foreigner in a strange land. You are ready to take on the Kingdom of Heaven principals within this foreign planet. Think of it like Chronicles of Narnia. We are here with our fleshly bodies but we don’t BELONG HERE. We walk in the spirit thus we are led by the spirit, but we live on Earth so we must obey Earthly laws as long as they don’t penetrate the Heavenly laws.

For instance, God says “Do not lie”. So, no matter what…we DO NOT LIE.

      • So now you’re ready to get married so the Lord prepares you like Esther to marry the King. He will prepare you and beautify you.

You will have to wait for my book to see the wedding day. This is what the Lord wants me to write in my book.

It’s basically that you are taking on HIS Identity! You are now Mrs. Jesus Christ. When the world sees you…he sees HIM. You walk IN ALL AUTHORITY in Jesus’ name! You have access to all his inheritance, laws, gifts, etc.

When you get to the end of yourself and God has drained you of your past; then you meet the Lamb that was slain for you. It’s a beautiful love story.

Romeo and Juliet is now Jesus and June. This is how he means it to be. You die for each other.

When he puts that wedding band on you. It’s gold (representing his heritage, inheritance, laws, etc) and it’s round (representing eternity, time never ends). He puts that ring on your finger and SEALS YOUR LOVE THROUGHOUT ETERNITY!

Greatest love story ever told!

As your husband, he is the gift giver. He showers you with gifts because he loves you and wants the world to know how much he loves you. He wants you to be proud and to brag about what he does for you. He showers you with gifts because he loves you. He wants the whole world to know how he treats you. He gave me a house, he gave me a car, he gave me beautiful clothes.

He wants to be EVERYTHING to us! This is why I went through the trial! I have to KNOW HIM. I have to be able to tell women all over the United States that Jesus is my husband and my provider! He will give me a house, car, etc. He’s going to take care of me!

P.S. After I left the throne room, I called some people that rejected me and told them I forgive them and wanted to be restored because I know now that God allowed them to do that because I had to identify with HIM. So…I’m so thankful for his mercy!

I’m excited about the future! I know that with a job, without a job, without a house, with a house, with noone or with everyone…I don’t operate in this Kingdom…I know who holds my hand and about the ring of eternity on my finger and seal me!