Lessons in the Pit

arkansas 137Lessons in the Pit

May 8, – October 11, 2013

Written July 26, 2014


Lessons Learned

    • Not to accept offense and forgive those people IMMEDIATELY because now I KNOW who I serve and he will defend me. I pray for those people because they know not what they are doing. He is my husband and he IS HOLY!
    • How to recognize God’s love through my shame, guilt, unworthiness, hurts, pains, sadness, loneliness, etc.
    • My IDENTITY – This is the most important part because now I’m pure
    • Who the Lamb of God is that WAS SLAIN FOR ME! I cry when I think about Him because he was so innocent and I put those nails in!
    • How I am married the most holy man on the planet – Jesus Christ!
    • How HOLY He really is – I fear Him more than I ever have in my life!
    • How He’s my provider – Now that I look back…when he wanted me to pray for dying people…He kept me in a brand new car. I stayed in a brand new apartment. He kept me classy! Always gave me gas money when I needed it!
    • How He’s my lover – He intensified my worship and prayer. He knows I’m very passionate so he shut every door to a job so that I am forced to face Him and spend time with Him. The more I spent time with Him the more He revealed Himself and revealed His passion for me as well.
    • How to trust HIM above everyone! He taught me that the whole world will fail me but HE NEVER WILL! He later told me that HE hardened people’s hearts so that I would learn that lesson and he could reveal more about His love towards me. He’s so awesome!
    • He showed me how HE sees the poor and the needy.It’s really sad. I have SO MUCH compassion! He woke me up this morning to tell me that he’s preparing me to be the Proverbs 31 woman and she loves the poor and needy!
    • He taught me to not question Him. Now I know that HIS PLAN IS MUCH BETTER THAN MY PLAN! The devil kept telling me I was going to be homeless because no one would help me. He’s a liar because now I’m going to live with a great prophet and God is finishing what he began in bible college.
    • He taught me that He can be my Husband in TN like he was in OH and I can have my Queenhood back! I’ve always called Ohio my Queenhood because when I was in Bible College it was like living on another planet. It was SO AMAZING! God paid all my bills; people would just walk up to me and hand me $1,000 dollars…go to landlord and pay rent, etc. I was his bride and he showered me with gifts, love, etc. He just let me know if I will fall back in his arms and trust him that he will be with me WHEREVER I go!
    • He taught me to love others even when I am hurting and need love. It’s like reaping and sewing. As I gave to Clarksville, it gave back to me with my mother’s Healing Room and now that I’m moving.
    • He taught me the beauty of aging people/elderly. The world looks at them like they’re old and discarded. God doesn’t. He looks at them like this is YEARS of battles on their faces. Years of struggles, prayers, tears, love, etc. There is nothing like an elderly woman crying to the Lord. Just beautiful!
    • He taught me what it is like when God takes His children to Heaven. It is the most BEAUTIFUL AND HOLY EXPERIENCE! His presence fills the room and he bears witness with the people present that HE WAS THERE! He gives the dying person peace during the transition. I will blog one day about what I saw with dying people.
    • He taught me how Satanic Hip/Hop music is – For over 10 years I coached cheerleading and hosted cheerleading competitions where I promoted little girls dancing to this terrible music that is doing nothing but leading them down the fleshly lustful trap. This music tries to define to our generation what a woman should LOOK LIKE and ACT LIKE! Terrible! I repented.
    • He taught me about the Gifts of the Spirit – Especially Discernment of Spirits. I was with one of my friends one day and I said something to her and in the spirit I saw a shadow fall on her of jealousy. She didn’t talk to me after that day. It greatly affected our relationship. I saw so many things…especially religious spirits and Jezebel spirits. He just opened my eyes to the spirit-realm.
    • He gave me new friends – As I released the old worldly friends, he blessed me with pastors that can really impart into my life. He’s given me all kinds of new Christian friends.
    • He taught me more about being a servant – He did this through the 101 year-old man I prayed for and God allowed me to enter Heaven with him and through the pastors in this city. It’s funny now looking back because now I’m a servant to a pastor/prophet. I learned in Bible College what it means to serve a pastor. So, here we go.
    • He taught me HOW TO LOVE others – People like real and authentic Christians. They want to know that you have been broken and have compassion. As God delivered me of my sins and transgressions and cleaned me out; he POURED more of himself in me. More came in and More went out!
    • I discovered my LOVE for SOULS – I never knew I was called to preach! God showed me that I am and when I’m loving/preaching…I feel like a vampire after blood, lol. It fills my heart with satisfaction when I can help and love others. It REALLY gives me blood back when someone gets saved. I crave soul-winning! If I haven’t ministered in a while, the devil starts pointing out my surroundings (focus starts going to myself). As soon as I minister…I’m on fire again! LOL. It’s my drug of choice.
    • It made my mom and I closer – I have never loved my mother as MUCH as I do now! She is the ONLY one who stood by me through thick and thin. She always believed in me. I love you momma!
    • I learned that even when people are in comas and dying, their spirits are still much alive and they hear you! When I went to pray for people that were dying, I would talk to them like they were sitting there looking at me. Their bodies are just shells and it may have failed them…but their spirit (the REAL person) is still alive and desperate for prayer…and maybe even salvation.lessons
    • I learned that I’m nothing and HE IS EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter your smarts, wits, money, family, nothing….we are nothing compared to His Holiness! I need Him!
    • My love of gospel music/soul music. To me the gospel spiritual music is real. When African American people really sing under the anointing…IT IS POWERFUL! It also helped during my trial.
    • I learned not to question God on the prophetic! I learned not to question Him in how someone reacts to the Holy Ghost.
    • I learned that you are going to gain enemies and there is nothing you can do about it. Just give them to God. He knows.
    • I learned that he is my Soon Coming King; Lord of Lords, Died on the Cross for Me, and I’m his Bride which means when someone sees me…they see Him. I’m his Ambassador with ALL AUTHORITY, RIGHTS, HERITAGE, PROMISES, AND PRIVILEGES. I operate from the Kingdom of Heaven’s Laws and Provisions.
    • I am to obey and serve Him in ALL things. This is where my victory and provision lies.