God is our Provider!

God is Our Provider


Written on July 26, 2014

One of the names of God is Jehovah Jireh – My Provider.

Let me clarify: Our job is not WHO WE ARE.

Our job is not our provider. It’s an AVENUE that God may use to bless you.

god isour provider!

We are who we are in Christ. We are hidden IN HIM. On your death bed people are not going to say, “She was a great lawyer.” At that point, who cares? Rather, we want them to say, “Wow, she left a legacy and changed so many people through obeying God.”

As far as providing…I know plenty of people who work and STILL don’t have enough. They’re living paycheck to paycheck. Not living their dream…not following God…just surviving! Who wants to live like that just because society says you should? I also know of people who get any job that comes along, then they are not able to go to church. You never see them again. They either work so much they’re exhausted, or working during church times and can’t come to get refreshed. How is that of God? They may work all the time but money is still lacking. The key is to have wealth by obeying God, no matter WHERE that may take you. He may give you a dream of an invention that will give you continual money flow. You never know..but we only LIMIT GOD….he is immeasurable….deep and wide!

Rather, live life to the FULLEST for God and let HIM lead you where to go. If He says…go to bible college….then do it. If he says…start a food ministry with nothing…then DO IT. He may say to work somewhere. The point is to FOLLOW HIM. Your wealth is not the way society says it should come. You may acquire wealth…but NOTHING like the wealth the Lord will provide in His path.

IT’S IN OBEYING HIM. If you’re obeying Him and he gives you a job…it’s because there is people there He wants you to reach. IT’S ALL ABOUT SOULS. So, whether you’re working by society’s expectations or not, make your life count and just trust God. Just do what HE says to do because HE knows best…..not man. Most of our GREAT PREACHERS stepped out and trusted God. We don’t have to UNDERSTAND why…we just do it.

When He opens the door it’s WIDE! He shuts them and controls when to open them…especially when you are putting your 100% trust IN HIM.

Trust God and walk in HIS plan.

UPDATE – MARCH 6, 2014

I woke up this morning thinking about this post from yesterday. I know that when people look at my life right now they think I’m crazy because I’m in my pit and it looks IMPOSSIBLE for God to do anything. How can I hope in God to bring me out of this? How? I’ll tell you how…

If I had not been through what I did in Bible College back in 2005/2006, I would think I’m crazy too, LOL. Before I went to BC, my daughter knew of my dependance upon men (going from one man to another…been married 6 times, etc.)…and all the crazy things I would do to survive and pay my bills. So, she went to live with her dad about 6 months before God called me to Bible College. So, when I went up there…she was not with me (Columbus Ohio to World Harvest Bible College). She came to live with me about four months later.

When she came to live with me she saw a very different mother. I was trusting in God SOLELY. No man..only God. Then she saw me falling apart financially. Crazy things happened to cause us to all lose our jobs. Our cars tore up…all at the same time. My car would only give me enough power to take me one to two miles down the road to get me to church and BC. Yes, if I tried to go elsewhere it would quit on me! God just said, “I want you here and that’s it!” So, we all lost our jobs and my ex-husband quit paying child support when Meagan came up there….so I had NO income coming in!

Her old mother would not let the finances get this desolate! We ended up three months later with three eviction notices, everything about to be cut off, etc. This was my 1st semester in BC too! So life was hitting me hard! God told me to give up men….let Him be my husband…and to totally trust in HIM to take care of me! Then….this? So one night…on a Saturday night…I drove to the church at 1 a.m. in my pajamas. I couldn’t take it anymore! I stared at those nation’s flags and I just cried to God! I said, “You told me to give up men! You said you are my husband! You brought me up here and I have three kids relying on me! WHERE ARE YOU AT?”

I had a Come to Jesus meeting with God. LOL.

Next day…on the way to church, my van ran out of gas half way and we started walking down the highway. Traffic stopped both ways and they took us to church. They filled our van up with gas. ($85). Then that night, they repossessed my van! I had one payment left! Yes! I still went to church and praised God anyways!

So next morning.


This man walked up to me and said, “What is going on in the Knight Family? God woke me up at 4 a.m. and told me to pay ALL OF YOUR BILLS!”

He paid all of them! Spent almost $10,000!!! After this point…I never had to worry about another bill. God showed me and SHOWED OUT!

One day…four days later…I was at a restaurant with my kids and we were reading cards that the children had written me (thanking me for speaking in their class and giving my testimony)…and these college kids came in and handed me a check for $1,000. When I slid the check across the table to Meagan, she started balling and said, “Mom, why is God doing all this?” I was crying too and said, “When we obey God, He will take care of us! It’s all about obeying Him!”

So yes…this is why I’m believing He’s coming AGAIN! If he did it once…He’ll do it again! In the meantime, I’m obeying Him and trusting Him to work it all out. He’s coming!

UPDATE May 23, 2016

This writing could not be  more accurate today as it was two years ago! God has taken care of me all over this nation! I’m driving a 2000 Toyota Camry with 255,000 miles and He always provides my housing, food, gas, tires, etc.! He has taken care of me in such immeasurable ways! He is truly our provider!