Destiny Directions

Destiny Directions

We Have Two Directions

Written on July 28, 2014

destinydirectionsWe have two choices on which direction our lives will go. Our choice or God’s choice. Our choice is the Kingdom of this World and it’s desire for us and the other choice is the unknown path. Walking by faith into the unknown. We’re either walking by faith according to HIS DESTINY for us or we are walking by OUR DESTINY because we trust our’s better than God’s.

How do we know which path we are on? We know by seeking God’s will for our lives. God’s will is the most perfect path. His perfect WILL may consist of struggles, trials, persecution, suffering (to identify with Christ’s sufferings), rejection and warfare. It is stepping into the unknown because we do not know where HE will take us on this road. Is He going to send us to China? What about what I want? This route is not about us….it’s about HIS will.

The other path is the safe one and the more acceptable one in the world’s eyes. It’s floating according to their path. It’s floating according to their design. Their design dictates identity. Your identity is in your career…your status…your outside appearance on all levels. So…in order to be happy…you must go to college…have a high-powered career…even at the sake of your own family. Also…you must look like all of the actors and models the world puts out there. We must have a home and better material things than our neighbors. We must put our career before God. We must provide for our families by doing it through A, B, C, AND D. We follow a set pattern designed by this world. Yes it’s safer this route because we know how it pans out.

Trusting in God is stepping on the water and walking on it ONLY looking at Jesus. As long as we look UP and at HIM…we will not sink. Through this path…is our victory! Through this choice…untold amount of souls are affected!

It’s really sad because I see so many who are called of God to change nations…change our city…change destinies…and they are NOT doing it because they feel they have to work and live according to the world’s standard….INSTEAD of trusting God to provide 100%. Yes, people say….if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I agree with that. If you are lazy and not working…then you won’t eat. The difference is in the compensation. A person may be working in the Kingdom but the compensation is not in money…at the moment. They may be just obeying God and their reward is coming later. When it comes…it will be overwhelmingly GREAT. His reward is better!

I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Let’s take Joe Blow. Growing up he was a world-changer. God called him at 5 years old. He did amazing things growing up and experienced God like only 5% on Earth may experience him at that age. So, growing up he knew that God had a GREAT destiny on his life and he was ready to travel the world and DO IT! His mentors are like the great prophets of old, etc. So Joe grows up and marries the girl that he felt God gave him. However, she buckled under her parent’s pressure for a “normal” life and rejected Joe. She constantly hounded him saying that she didn’t want to trust God. She doesn’t want to live like this! She wants a “normal” life! So, she leaves Joe. Devastates him! What happened to Joe you ask….well he ended up giving up that great destiny dream. His wife did divorce him….and he started to get back on his feet…but through his rejection he felt in this relationship…he is DETERMINED to be a good worldly provider to the next wife. So…to this day he’s working himself to death and barely getting by and about to get married again. This woman….she’s a Christian…but is she the one that God called for him to get to his DESTINY? Should he get back to his DESTINY first? All of the so-called mentors in his life tell him to go to “normal” route. He must get to a certain point before he can go in the ministry. Sad. Look at all the souls missing out.

Another example is John Doe. John came to bible college and was on fire for God! He knew God had called him to greatness! God sent him to so and so city to make a difference there. While he’s there….he’s struggling financially bad! He’s tired of struggling! While he’s struggling so hard….lives are being changed dramatically. He’s in a church and he’s really making a difference there! He’s a GREAT INFLUENCE and really making a difference. However, to ease his suffering, he gets an awesome paying job and EVERYONE is happy now! So what happened to John since he got that job? Well, he quit that church….he hardly gets to go to church now. He’s not preaching anymore, but he’s making bookoos amount of money!

Another example is Darious Joe. Darious has such a burden for souls but can’t reach out because he’s working 24/7. He works so much and has nothing left. Well, while he’s working so much his spiritual life has deteriorated. His wife is tired of him spending so much time at work and he’s tired of hearing her nagging him. Then Suzy Q at work is giving him all kinds of attention. He falls for her and begins an affair. Now….Darious is called to preach! However…his desire to be in control of his own destiny, sucked that calling right out of him. His wife finds out and leaves him. For the next 20 years….he’s dying of sickness and won’t go get it checked out because he doesn’t want to know. He knows. His kids grew up out of church. His life spiraled out of control over the years and look how many souls are affected because he didn’t follow his destiny. His wife ended up marrying another man…had two more kids…left that man…now with another man….and he’s still working himself to death. Sad.

And just because you are a pastor doesn’t mean you’re in God’s perfect will either. Or really in any title. Just because you have a title doesn’t mean it’s God’s perfect will. You may have “settled” for that because you didn’t want to go out of state or country and follow God. The point is that we must ALL examine our hearts before God and discover our perfect will.

Another example is Jane Doe. Now…Jane was raised in an alcoholic home, sexually molested at 5, family divorced at 6, and found the Lord at 10 years old. Since that time, He has called her to greatness. She ended up marrying someone like her abusive father, had three kids. Now…she brought the kids to church and God has called all three of them to greatness too. Her marriage ended up falling apart after he threatened to kill her and the children for over a year. So, all alone with three kids…she raised her three kids believing they were full of greatness and they ended up doing GREAT things GROWING UP. God ends up sending her and two kids to bible college. She wasn’t able to graduate because she couldn’t stand watching her kid suffer…so she came back home with that child. Knowing her devastation, the devil came after mom and tried to take her out. For 7 years she was in and out of bars and in church on Sunday. She quit praying and quit praying for her children. During this time, the kids are all leaving home and going off to adulthood. After 7 years of living life according to HER destiny, she finally surrenders all back to God. When she does and gets back in the prayer closet, the Lord reveals how the devil has taken her children’s destinies while she was not praying. DUE TO HER DECISION….MANY LIVES WERE AFFECTED. Now she’s back on track and fighting with her life over her and her children’s destinies. This story is still being written.

You get the point. We only live once. We will all answer to God for our lives. One time at a revival, the Lord gave me an open vision. The vision was about when I got to Heaven and on Judgement Day. However, it wasn’t like I ever thought it would be. Here was the vision:

I stood before God and He said, “These are all the souls that have been affected because you did not follow MY PLAN”. All of a sudden, I saw people being thrown in Hell because I did not preach to them. I was rolling on the floor wanting to pull my hair out in agony! The vision was so horrible! I saw a girl that mom and I used to take to church. She was a drug addict, alcoholic, and smoked cigarettes. God delivered her of everything but the cigs, and we constantly hounded her about stopping that too. We did not allow the Holy Spirit to change her in time…we pressured her saying that she will never be free until she lets it ALL GO. So finally one day she just quits going to church. She died three weeks later of a drug overdose. We went to her funeral feeling like God just hit us with a bus and you could literally feel Satan in the room. It was so cold, eery and unholy. You knew she was in Hell. God convicted us bad! Man did we repent!

So, I saw her and I just wept. Wept! The Lord began to show me many different people who were affected because I was not doing what God called me to do.

This is why when I pray I often mention destiny. When I pray for people..I pray they learn their full destiny in Christ. We only live once and I pray we all stand in Judgment Day with full assurance that we pleased God with our whole life.

So, if you are reading this and God is convicting you about your destiny, here’s my prayer for you,

Lord, I pray for my friend that you will help them to discover your destiny for their life. I pray that you would reveal to them how their life can be pleasing to you and win as many souls as we can reach! Lord, help them to die to their dreams and hopes and live to yours. Lord, I know it’s not easy to give up our dreams and will for our lives so I pray you give my friend strength to do that. I also plead the Blood of Jesus over their minds and hearts. I pray that you give them an encounter with your presence that they cannot deny. I call forth their destiny and purpose! I pray that your will be done in their lives and their families. I believe you God to bring restoration to their lives as well. In Jesus’ name. Amen