Reflections from my 50th Year

I am sooooo happy the Lord has blessed me to live on this Earth for 51 years! Facts about my 50th year:

1. God brought me from THE PIT TO THE PALACE (TN to DC). I was in my PIT for six (6) years.
2. God brought me to my Promise Land of abundant living. He brought me OUT of the POVERTY MENTALITY.
3. I lost 60 pounds!
4. God gave me two new grandchildren and two more on the way. DOUBLE DOUBLE.
5. God has established me
6. I have a new daughter (son got married)
7. I told the President of the United States that “WE LOVE YOU!” and represented millions of Americans who really do! He looked at me, smiled and waved! This is a moment I’ll never forget LOL
8. I am able to work in the White House using the gifts, skills, and talents that I went to school for! I’m using my education to help the Body of Christ. I may not be paid with money for what I do, but the Lord takes care of me and His wealth and benefits are so much more. I had to increase my faith from $500 a month to $4,000 a month! AND THE LORD IS DOING IT!
9. He has revealed himself so much to me this past year in Washington DC. He is my protector, comforter (remember he held me for three weeks when I arrived because I was so scared), rebuker, chastiser, corrector, husband (he always looks out for me), revelator, etc. He is with me EVERYWHERE I GO.
9. He has put me strategically in the top prayer groups in DC. He has surrounded me with His generals. I am learning prayer strategies and warfare techniques! It is amazing to partner with these warriors! What would our nation do WITHOUT ALL THE INTERCESSORS IN THIS COUNTRY! I HONOR YOU TODAY!
10. He blessed me with a beautiful apartment, furniture, etc. I love my swimming pool, workout gym, free parking, concierge, etc. This place is amazing!

He gave me an adopted father (George Caylor). He helps me as a father does. So blessed!

So, needless to say, my 50th year is exactly the way God told me it would be back five years ago through prophecy. He said, “Your 50th year will be the BEST year of your life”. I thought it meant marriage (being I’ve been single for 19 years)…but…it was so much more.

The Lord told me AMERICA IS YOUR PROMISE LAND. He said this back in 2017 when I was finishing my #MAGArevival Tour. He took me across the country to show me the beauty of her, pray for her and to see the virus within it. Then He brought me to DC to HELP HER and fight in prayer. Now I’m doing my part to help with the solution to the problems I see. What an honor to be here in the WORLD’S CAPITOL and to have a voice. I’m truly humbled that God chose me for this assignment. I pray when He pulls me out that I will have completed this mission 100%.


Love you Bride.

Dr. June Knight