Theresa Nichols – Book Publisher – Three Sheep Ministries – McEwen, TN

I hired Dr. June Dawn Knight to produce 3 websites: Heart of My Heart Publishing Company, Three Sheep Ministries, and Music of My Heart. In each of these websites, she has done an excellent work! I knew Dr. June would pray and ask God to lead her and I gave her my description of what I felt God had called me to do. She began working with that information and captured the exact fit for what I felt God was wanting. The professionalism and integrity within her work is of the highest quality and I am very pleased with the speed and accuracy of her attention to each detail in each website.

I recommend her for the most complicated, the simplest, and the in-between. She is qualified in communications and masters the heart of the matter to help grab the attention of the viewer. Since I have hired June, I have seen an acceleration in sales in my publishing company. I have continued to hire Dr. June to do a marketing package for me each month in addition to the website management of each website.

I am also involved with Dr. June in her TOSS program to help the body of Christ get back to their original state. I am so proud of the passion that she has put into this program to help the body of Christ be in health so that they may minister in a greater capacity as they get their bodies in a healthy state. She has done an excellent job on the commercial, in fact, she made me feel like a movie star. She truly captures the “look” of professionalism and excitement for any project that is blessed to have her involvement.

Thank you, Dr. June, for your excellence in spirit and work ethic and I am especially thankful for our friendship that has blossomed from our working in the Kingdom of God together.


Theresa J. Nichols

Publisher and Author

Heart of My Heart Publishing Co., LLC