A Dream of an Earthquake in Clarksville, TN

I Saw the Collapse of Downtown Clarksville, TN

i dreamed of clarksvilletennesseeearthquake


In 2001 I recently moved to Clarksville, TN and was going through a divorce.  I had a daughter in the 5th grade and she was going to a school in downtown Clarksville. I did not know much about Clarksville when I had this dream:

I felt the Earth shaking so violently that it was bouncing me out of the bed. I knew it was an earthquake. I looked over the mountain to downtown Clarksville.  (In Clarksville the downtown area is separated by a river). So, I was looking from one side of the river to downtown buildings. I could see the buildings at the top of the hill shaking violently.

I saw the buildings sink straight down into the ground like the ground had just swallowed them up. The whole downtown collapsed like one big sinkhole! It was utter destruction! I saw buildings on the side of the river literally fall over into the river! It was like that whole downtown area just collapsed and disappeared!

When I woke up I was so shook up that I took my daughter to school that day and withdrew her from school!  I home-schooled her due to the fear of this dream!

Since the dream I found out that most of Clarksville, TN is built upon one big sinkhole. I also found out that the madrid faultline was that river going beside Clarksville! So years later I went to school at Austin Peay State University which is right at the top of downtown. I always wondered if the earthquake would happen each day. It never did and then…

I remembered this dream when I heard this broadcast and I thought, “It’s coming…it’s coming.” Get ready bride!