The Pit Experience – Suffering for Jesus

Four years ago I was homeless and serving ministries all over this country. I helped them to adapt to social media, build them a website and go LIVE. I had no idea where God was going to take me. That ‘ole Devil tried to get me to kill myself because of abandonment and suffering etc. People that haven’t been through valleys like that will never know the testing and requirements we all went through to be where we are at. God had to strip every loyalty and comfort to test the heart. One time I was homeless and it was pouring down rain and I had a visitation from Satan. He walked up to me in the rain and he said, “No one cares about you. You have all that education and look where you’re at! Just kill yourself and end the suffering.” So I considered it for a moment then strength rise up in me and I screamed back at him and said, “in the name of Jesus you will leave me! I will not kill myself!” So he disappeared. I went to church that morning stinking because it was so hot that night in the car. I went to church and sat beside this lady here, My best friend, and I just laid on the floor and wept to God about my suffering.

That night God came through! I visited another church and this woman walked up to me and says….I don’t know your personal situation but the Lord told me to let you live with us for six months. These ladies were very poor. They only had a two bedroom apartment. They gave me one of their rooms and when that six months was up the Lord gave me a dream, “Tell those ladies I am very pleased with them and I will give them a prophets reward. Tell them whatever they want today to say it and I will grant it unto them!” Oh how I was hoping they would ask for a beautiful home. So I sat them down to let them know how serious their answer should be because God will bless them for being good hosts.

Guess what they said!

NOTHING! They didn’t want anything! They were happy where they were at. I told them how God gave me a brand new house one time etc. They didn’t care. So I left without giving them that blessing.

The point is that on this picture it says ON TIME EVERY TIME! We have stuck to that as friends and sure enough years later! God is right on time! What would have happened if I would have killed my self? Ya know? God is a sustainer. He is with us in Hell on Earth!