My Mother’s Mantle

My Mother’s Mantle

Wilma “JJ” Bracey

February 17, 1941 to January 22, 2017

January 28, 2017

When I was a little girl, about eight years old, my mother took me to visit my grandmother (her mother) in the hospital. I did not know it at the time, but it was on her deathbed. I remember he asking me to get under the sheet with her and she held me in her arms and prayed for me.  Over the years the family members told me that I received her mantle. She was a Pentecostal woman and I really did not know her as much as I wanted to. However, I took the honor if God had it for me!

It wasn’t until I went to Bible College with Rod Parsley did I really gain an understanding of what a mantle meant. He often talked about receiving his from Lester Sumrall (which is very well-known for casting demons out and being on-fire! So, before I left Bible College Dr. Rod Parsley prayed for all of us students and “imparted” into us his mantle. I gladly received it! I was already in Bible College with both of my sons. We all three received it!

Then, seven years later when I’m in deep intercession in this house I was staying in and in the bonus room upstairs I was in the spirit and said, “I claim all my spiritual inheritance! I claim it now! I receive my genealogy from Smith Wigglesworth, Amy Simple McPherson, Rod Parsley, etc.” I was yelling to the top of my lungs the inheritance that was meant for my life and destiny. I was declaring in the atmosphere that I do solemnly receive all of the impartations that God has granted me over the years and I do not take it lightly! It was a very powerful prayer experience!

Then a few months later I’m in this cabin writing my 2nd book, my life story, Testimony of a Broken  Bride; Jesus is the True Husband, and the Lord gave me a dream:

I was in a field of beautiful flowers and this coat descended from Heaven. It was so beautiful! It was a coat of many colors and it looked like a puff coat. It was kind of like this jacket except that the puffs were vertical and different bright colors.  Each puff was a scroll. I saw an angel on each side of me and when the coat was close to me I lifted my arms in the air and the coat supernaturally rested on me. I heard the Lord say, “You are my daughter and tonight I declare you in the office of the Prophet. Your anointings are unique in that each scroll represents the various anointings imparted into you.” Then each angel, one by one rolled out the scroll. One angel rolled out one and said, “This is Rod Parsley’s anointing.” The rolled the scroll back in. Another angel rolled out another scroll, “This is Smith Wigglesworth’s.” “This is Melody Morris’ anointing”. This went through each scroll.  When I woke up I documented the dream. This was in September 2015.

Anyways, since that time God sent me on the road all over the United States and He lined me up with many more ministers that imparted into me. One of those was in North Carolina and imparted A.A. Allen.  There’s been so many. The Lord basically told me that my life would be a combination of all and would be unique.

Then, for the last three and a half years I’ve been praying for mom and believing God to rise her up and heal her. She’s been wreaked with sickness for almost 10 years now. 20 years ago when we were in ministry together, we would be praying for people and she would have a physical manifestation. She would say, “Someone’s about to get healed, my hands are on fire.” Then she would pray for people and they would receive their healing. So, I felt like the devil tried to take her out with sickness so she couldn’t finish her destiny of healing. Man I fought. Anyways…when the Lord took her home, He allowed all of us to be with her in the room and hold her as she left the Earth. It was a beautiful passing.

A couple of hours later I’m laying in her bed going to sleep and exhausted from the day. The Holy Spirit speaks to me and says, “Do you want her mantle?” I started crying and said, “I wanted HER to have that mantle.” He said it again. I reached my hand in the air and GRABBED IT and said, “YES, I want it.” Then I cried myself to sleep. Days later I’m at her funeral and the pastor says, “Who will take on her legacy?” I quickly raised my hands because of my encounter with God nights earlier. Then the pastor tells me the great responsibility this means towards her grandchildren and foster children, etc. I received all he was saying.

So now…days after her funeral…I’ve been in great grieving. I’ve been so sad…but the Lord has been speaking to me through His words and comforting me. Four of her foster children contacted me and two asked me if I would be their mother now.  My answer is…YES. So…I am letting them all know I will take them in and finish what mom began.

It is big shoes to fill as my mother was truly an amazing woman!  What is her mantle?

  • Healing Gift
  • Love for foster kids
  • Love the ones that others have abandoned
  • Loving the Homeless
  • Radical Worship


This is my Mother