Mom & The Red Bird

Wilma “JJ” Bracey

February 17, 1941 – January 22, 2017

 About Mom

My mother is a very strong woman. She grew up in the cotton fields in Arkansas and always had a very strong work ethic. She loved working outside and growing gardens.

She was a very special woman and had a heart as big as Texas. She is well-known for taking in children that others did not want. Mom was a foster parent for over 20 years and took in many children. Many of those children would say that their life has been changed forever. Here are a few:

Ashelie Hunter:

The Lord blessed me 18yrs ago and gave me this woman Wilma JJ Carpenter Bracey She saved my soul and my life because of her I grew to know the Lord, and the blessed opportunity to know the love of a mother for the first time. I met my husband and family because of her too and I’m deeply saddened to say that she is no longer with us the Lord called her home Sunday January 22nd at 2:10am. She was my saving grace and I will never forget her but I’m also happy that’s she’s with the Lord and will always be watching over me.

January 22 ·


There is no doubt in my mind you are in heaven. Thank you for being in my life when my path seemed to be dark. Thank you for helping so many of us that entered and exited the program. You never gave up on any of us . You made me see the bright side of the bad. You were a truly blessing to have in my life.
🙁 🙁

Mawmaw went home to be with the Lord early this morning and I know thats where she wanted to be. My heart hurts so much today. Me and Joshua are going to miss her so much.





School work done passed this course with a mfin B. Go me go me lol . On too the next course . Yaaa. Now time for a shower and some relaxation time .. got bad news also that my old foster mom when I was in foster care in Nashville ms. Wilma JJ Carpenter Bracey HAD PASSED AWAY THIS MORNING I LOVED THAT WOMAN SHE WAS AMAZING SHE GOT FRUSTRATED WITH ME BUT . WE ALWAYS GO THROUGH IT SO AT THIS TIME I’M GONNA PRAY FOR HER AND HER FAMILY ..

So, as you can tell, mom was a very loving person to many people. She’s much loved by her church and friends. Now, I’m going to share the story of mom and the red bird!

Mom & The Red Bird

When I lived with mom and took care of her a couple of years ago, she was very sick. She has battled COPD, anemia blood disorder, arthritus, and diabetes. When I lived with her I would often hold her hand by her bed while she would struggle to breath. I prayed and fought in the spirit for her healing and believing God to raise her up and restore her health. During this nine-month period, and she was at her worst in health, a red bird would appear in her bedroom window. I came in her room everyday and said, “Mom, did you see the redbird today?” She would say with all her breath, “Yes, he came and just stared at me. I can hear him singing.”

I always knew when mom was doing much better when I would ask her and she replied, “No, I have not seen him today. I don’t know where he’s at.” Then she would roll around in her chair and look around the yard. LOL. I always felt in my heart that God had that red bird watch mom and comfort her during her suffering.

Years later, the last week of her life, she lived with my ex-brother-in-law, Bobby Riddle. During this time her breathing was at critical level and she just received another blood transfusion because her oxygen levels were so low. She fell, which caused her death. (It was an accident and God allowed us to be at her bedside when He took her home). The day she died I was in mom’s room and I told Bobby the story of the red bird and shockingly he said, ” WOW! This whole past week she had a red bird that come to her window everyday and sing to her!” We both cried.

Then I told the family the story of the red bird and Chelsey Riddle wrote the family this morning and said, “When me and the boys were sitting in her room at dads, all of a sudden Michael asked me if maw maw liked birds… I said yes she did, and he said that after she died that when he went outside all the birds were singing. And it gave him chills. I told him about the red bird after that… It was extremely surreal. And I definitely want her to have one present. (at the funeral).”

Story of Mom’s Passing

Mom had a wonderful caretaker through a lady named Valerie. She was so soft-spoken with mom and took great care of her.  The last day, mom was the happiest. I talked to her that morning and she was so vivacious and full of life. It gives you hope. Well, they were with mom (Val and the nurse) and in one split second, mom turned around and fell straight back and hit her head on the desk. I believe it was meant to be. It was just her timing. The family all let Val know we hold no malice towards her and we are actually thankful for all the care she took with mom.

Anyways, Val called the ambulance and they took her to the hospital. At the time, mom was disoriented. When she arrived at the hospital they took a cat scan and told Bobby and Tammy that mom was bleeding in her brain. They asked if we wanted medicine, or surgery which could either kill mom or cause her to be invalent. Bobby and Tammy was nice enough to call me and my vote was medicine. I knew mom’s lungs the past week was so bad that she couldn’t even talk on the phone more than two minutes because she didn’t have enough breath. So, the doctors told them that they will give the medicine and then in four hours, they would do another cat scan and see how the medicine was doing with the bleed.

About 8:30 that night, we all arrived at the hospital and was able to spend time with mom. She had already faded off into a coma, but the Lord showed me that although they were in a coma, they could still hear  you. Three years ago the Lord asked me to travel and pray with people on their deathbeds. I didn’t know how to do this, but the Lord taught me himself. I was with many people when the Lord took them and I experienced amazing Heavenly things; including going to Heaven with one man and seeing how they received him.

Anyways, I told the family that mom could hear them so we all poured our hearts out to mom saying our goodbyes. Somehow we just knew in our spirits that this was the time. So, at 11:00 they took mom back and we all waited. About 1:00 a.m. we were in the room with mom when the two doctors came in the room and gave us the fatal news.  They told us that the blood had spread beyond repair and into her brainstem and she only had a few minutes left. Mom had already signed the DNR so she let them know she did not want to be kept alive by machines. So, we asked them if they could give us a few minutes to continue calling the few family members who weren’t there and give them a chance to say bye. So, two of those were able to say their goodbyes.

When the time came, we all gathered around Wilma Bracey and held her. She had her children and grandchildren with her. We all sang Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art. The doctors pulled all the wires out and we held her tight and sang. Then, I felt the angels come in the room and I said, “Mom, I feel the angels. They are here to take you.” Her oldest son, Bobby Carpenter said, “You can go momma.”

So we all told her how much we love her as she took her last breath. Tammy said, “I think she stopped breathing, let me go get the doctor!” So the doctor come in and check her. He confirmed the time of death at 2:10 a.m. on January 22, 2017.

We were all crying and so thankful we were able to be with her in her last moments on Earth.I believe mom is dancing before the throne now and birds are all around her singing! Thank you mom for all you meant to our family during your 75 years on Earth. I will end this with a  post that my son wrote about his Maw-Maw:

Andrew Knight remembering all the happy times we had together.

Yesterday at 11:18am ·

Well, words can’t do it justice… I will miss my Mawmaw. I’m happy to know she’s in blissful paradise in Heaven! I will always remember her. I will honorably strive to carry on her stellar, gritty, epic legacy of sarcasm and wit. 😉 Most importantly, I hope to live worthy of her example of faith and run with endurance the race God has set before me as she joins in the great cloud of witnesses. Let her life be an example for all of us who she has impacted. #GodBless #Iwillmissyourbiscuitsandgravy #andthechili #andthemorningchats