10 Tips for Perfect Promotional Pictures in Ministry

September 20, 2018

10 Tips for Perfect Promotional Pictures in Ministry

I create flyers, videos and other promotional materials on a daily basis. I am offering you ministers information to help you effectively communicate your message to your audiences. Your image is everything. You must have a professional picture to represent your position in the Kingdom well. I call it a spirit of excellence. We represent the Kingdom of God on Earth and we must try to represent our King well. I am here to give you 10 tips to help you be successful in your missions!

1. Have a Clear Background – Do not have any clutter around you. Make sure the items in the picture with you are strategic. Some want to have a microphone in their hand, etc., or a picture standing next to an American flag. Do NOT take your picture in a kitchen with all that in background, or in your car, or in the bathroom showing the shower curtain, etc. Have a blank wall and preferably white and black. If you have a black wall be conscious that it may hide your hair, etc.

2. Have your face in the Center! – Leave enough space around your head for your designers to crop,  place inside frames, etc. Do not fill the whole picture with your head. Many ministers will crop pictures of them with someone else and leave no room around their head. This makes it hard on designers. Try to take picture from the chest up with plenty of space around head. If a lady has long hair and you want all your hair in the picture, then do the picture with enough space at the bottom to show all of it.

3. Do not provide weird shapes – Some ministers will crop pictures and do odd shapes like where they cropped out next to another picture. This is not professional. Try to have the picture in a square.

4. Ladies Cover Up! – Do not show your cleavage in pictures. It is off-putting to many people. Be as conservative as possible! I even suggest wearing sleeves! You never know who may be watching. Conservative is best!

5. Smile! – Look happy and be happy! Even if you are laughing! People feel weird about serious-looking people/ministers. They want to “relate” to the speakers. Remember, we are in the social-media generation and they want to participate – not stand-offish.

6. Be as Professional as you Can in Your Clothes! – Do not wear clothes like you’re lounging around the house. Wear a suit or dress. Remember the Kingdom we represent! Also, remember that perception is everything. People look at that picture and they make assumptions. Even if you feel that you are overweight, ugly, etc., BE YOUR BEST!

7. Have Several Ready for Designers! Depending on flyer or promotional material being used, a white background may work, or black background, or a .gif (no background – .png). The normal format is .jpg. The clear background is .png and .gif. Do not send pictures to designers in .doc or Word format! Send it in .jpg, .png or .gif.

8. Know Your Best Look! – Many people know their “bad side” and flaws. So, when you do your picture work around that flaw. If one side looks better than the other, then do a side picture and smile! Work with what you’ve got! One key to taking pictures if you have a double chin is to hold the camera angle down at the face so that the picture is facing upward-down. You know yourself better than anyone and you control the image going out! Make it work for you and don’t be ashamed to tell photographers!

9. Make Sure It’s Big Size! – When you crop a picture because you think you look good in it, it cuts your size down and makes it hard to convert in professional designs and videos. We need good quality! Make it at least 1200 pixels. The way that you tell how big it is you need to click on PROPERTIES and see if it says 800×800, etc. For best quality it must be a big file!

10. Treat Your Designers With Respect! – When you send pictures in say hello! Tell them our exact name as you want listed –  Prophet Jane Doe, etc. They will copy and paste and it will be listed exactly as you state!  Don’t be offended if they tell you they need better quality, etc. They know what they are doing and they are trying to help each of you!

Examples of Bad Placement in Pics:

This is my beautiful mother! I miss her! RIP Wilma Bracey!

This one has someone else

This one has someone else in it and they

may not have granted permission #anotherkey


Too Busy Around Face

This picture when put on

Flyers or video has too much

around it. Not good.

Another Person & Too Much

Remember, you must have permission 

to have another person in it.

Beautiful Pics:

Good Props Around In Center of Picture

 Remember, God has changed you for His Glory! Your story is for His Glory!